Viking River Cruises in China

Viking River Cruises in China are the perfect way to see the cities and landscapes that line the country’s most important waterways.

Viking River Cruises offers a variety of China cruises on the Yangtze River.

Once on board a Viking River Cruise in China, guests have the opportunity to explore places like the Three Gorges Dam, Chonqing, and Shibaozhai in addition to non-riverside destinations like Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, and the Great Wall of China.

One of the China river cruise itineraries includes a segment in Tibet, too.

But the destinations themselves are often overshadowed by the spectacular views of historic towns and mountain landscapes that can be seen out the expansive windows of the ship. They are some of the greatest benefits of river cruising.

The highlights of Viking River Cruises in China are not limited to the cities or views, though. The luxury accommodation, gourmet food, and expert guided tours make Viking unique in the high quality of its river cruise offerings.

Viking River Cruises in China are all-inclusive, with flights, trains, meals, and guided tours included in the itinerary unless otherwise noted. The cruises offer good value for money, and early booking discounts are generous for those that plan ahead.

China River Cruises

China river cruises are one of the most popular ways to visit China. With features like the Three Gorges Dam, lush green spaces, and stunning mountain peaks, China river boat cruises offer a great way to see the best Chinese cities, towns, and countryside in one trip.

China river cruises vary from large boats to small ones, and the length of time of each boat cruise differs depending on where you would like to go and how much time you have to visit China.

The river in China that is the most popular for boat cruises is the Yangtze river. Yangtze river cruises can be combined with visits to major cities like Beijing and Shanghai.

Some China river cruises are tour packages that include hotel stays in towns and cities away from the river. Others are shorter trips or day cruises that don’t require overnight accommodation in China.

Whatever length of river cruise you choose for your holiday in China, you can either book your cruise through a tour operator or make a direct cruise booking yourself.

Either way, make sure to shop around for China river cruise deals and compare what each cruise package or independent cruise includes.

A good tip for saving money on a China river cruise is to plan ahead, as many cruise companies offer good discounts for early booking.

How to Print Google Maps in Chinese

Great Wall of China
Great Wall of China

Below are instructions for how to print Google maps in Chinese. This can be very helpful when you are traveling in China and plan to take taxis, as most taxi drivers in China cannot read English.

1. Type your destination in English in the search box on

2. At the top right of the map, there’s a link that says “link”. Click this.

3. Copy the link from there.

4. Paste the link somewhere and look for the part that says “ll” in the link. It should have two numbers with a comma separator. That’s your latitude / longitude.

5. Copy just the numbers from the “ll” section. It should look something like “39.928168,116.400661”.

6. Go to

7. Paste the numbers into the search box.

8. Click the printer logo to print the map.