China Currency

China currency is called the renminbi.

The renminbi is measured in yuan, which is what the currency is usually called (this is similar to the British sterling, which is usually called the pound).

One yuan is divided into 10 jiao. 1 jiao is then divided into 10 fen.

China currency comes in notes and coins. Notes are denominated in 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100 yuan.

Coins are denominated in 0.1, 0.5, and 1 yuan.

China currency is only used in mainland China, and is not used in Hong Kong or Macau.

Top 10 Sightseeing in Beijing

Top 10 Sightseeing Beijing
Beijing Sightseeing

The top 10 sightseeing in Beijing includes:

1. The Forbidden City – You can spend an entire day exploring Beijing’s most famous sightseeing landmark.

2. The Hutongs – These historic streets are a great way to spend a day shopping, eating, drinking, and soaking up the culture in Beijing.

3. 798 Art District – One of the newest additions to the list of top 10 sightseeing in Beijing, the 798 Art District is bursting with contemporary art galleries, cafes, and restaurants.

4. Summer Palace – This beautiful historic architectural gem is a must-see on any Beijing sightseeing tour.

5. Great Wall of China – Perhaps the most famous landmark in all of China, the Great Wall deserves a place on any top 10 sightseeing in Beijing list.

6. Beijing Olympic Stadium – The Beijing olympics may be over, but the famous Beijing National Stadium, which is also called the Bird’s Nest Stadium, lives on. The stunning arena is worth a visit.

7. Tiananmen Square – The largest central urban square in the world, Tiananmen Square is both rich in history and surrounded by cultural highlights including museums, monuments, and towers.

8. Ming Tombs – The Ming tombs of 13 imperial emperors cover an area of forty square kilometers, and are worth a visit to descend into the tombs. It is worth combining a visit to the Ming tombs with a visit to the Great Wall of China.

9. Parks – Beijing has a great variety of urban parks, some of which are notable for their beauty. While visiting Beijing, make sure to stop by Jingshan Park, Fragrant Hills Park, and Taoranting Park.

10. Temple of Heaven – The largest group of ritual temples in China surely deserves a place on the list of top 10 sightseeing in Beijing. The Temple covers a vast space and is one of the most iconic sites in Beijing.

Fairmont Peace Hotel Shanghai

Fairmont Peace Hotel, Shanghai
Address: 20 Nanjing Road East, Shanghai, China 200002
Phone: +86 21 6321 6888

The Fairmont Peace Hotel in Shanghai recently re-opened after a major renovation.

The hotel is one of the best luxury hotels in Shanghai.

The newly renovated interior features elegant white marble in the lobby area. Guest rooms are decorated with soft tones and neutral colors.

The Fairmont Peace Hotel has six bars and restaurants that serve excellent local and international cuisine.

They attract Shanghai locals and hotel guest alike, and bars like the Fairmont’s Jazz Bar are very social.

Room rates at the Fairmont Peace Hotel in Shanghai start at 2600 CNY per night.